Healthcare Recruitment in Today’s Marketplace

Alpha Medical Group recently hosted a webinar on Healthcare Recruitment in Today's Marketplace. Here are some of the startling facts we discovered.

 This information is available in downloadable PDF format at the bottom of this page.

Today’s Marketplace

A Recent Survey conducted by AMN of 285 Hospital CEO’s finds:

  • Hospital vacancy rate for Physicians is 10.7%
    • 86% of Hospital CEO’s state there is a “serious shortage” of Physicians in the US
    • 19% indicate the shortage already compromises quality of care
    • 70% state not enough physicians to meet the increased demand of proposed healthcare referrals
    • 86% indicate it is “somewhat or very difficult” to recruit physicians

Over 50% of physicians hired last year were hired directly by hospitals

  • Increased competition for same physician candidate pool

Physician Workforce Shortage

In 2008, Bureau of Labor statistics predicted a 22% increase in physician jobs by 2018.

AAMC Study Released September 2010:

  • For Primary Care, Surgical and Medical Sub-specialties:
    • 2015: Deficit of 62,900 physicians
    • 2020: Deficit of more than 91,500
  • For all others, up to 50% more than originally predicted

Critical Shortages

AAMC estimates that an additional 45,000 Primary Care Physicians will be needed by 2020 to keep up with demand

  • Only 20% of American Trained Medical Students will consider Primary Care as a career path

Current supply of Board Certified EP’s is 58% of required FTEs needed to staff all EDs in the US

24% of Pediatricians work part-time

Currently have 50% of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists needed

Today’s Candidate Pool

American Trained vs. International Medical Graduates

  • IMGs account for 25% of the US Physicians
  • IMGs account for 27% of current US Residents and Fellows

Board Certified vs. Not Board Certified

  • ABMS survey found 93% of patients thought Board Certification to be very important


  • 61% of physicians 55+ years of age have been named in a suit
    • 90% of Surgeons 55+ years old have been named

Interviewing: What Candidates Want

Recent Survey of 16,000 Medical Students Finds Most Appealing Practice Setting:

  • No Call
  • Work / Life Balance –Scheduled to work less than 46 hours per week
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Academic Link
  • Salary and Employed Positions

A Recent Survey Conducted by AAMC Finds

  • 71% indicate time off and work / life balance are most important
  • 66% will not work more hours for more money
  • 80% would work less hours for less / equal money
  • 60% want a salaried position

If you use recruitment firms, what services do you like provided?

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