Job Search Time Line

8 Months Prior

Plan a Job Strategy.


  • Who will be involved with job search?
  • What is the criteria for your ideal practice?
  • Where do you want to live? Urban, rural, suburbs, specific activities.
  • When would you like to start?

7 Months Prior

Prepare Your CV
Identify References


  • Chronological Order with Most Recent First
  • Proofread, Proofread, Proofread - Have a second set of eyes
  • Have current contact information - Address, Phone and E-mail
  • Three References

6 Months Prior

Pre Application


  • Research licensing regulations and prescriptive authority laws
  • Submit application for state licensure and DEA
  • Check job boards
  • Use a reputable recruiter. Should be a member of NAPR
  • Visit

5 Months Prior



  • Submit Your CV
  • Include a Cover Letter specific to the Job
  • Include Professional References
  • Keep track of where your CV is sent
  • Schedule phone interviews

4 Months Prior



  • Schedule Time Off to Interview
  • Interview
  • Keep good notes on each opportunity
  • Send a Thank You note to each facility you visit


3 Months Prior

Compare Offers and Decide


  • Compare compensation, benefits, lifestyle and locale
  • Make a decision and celebrate
  • Establish a start date
  • Inform all opportunities of your decision


2 Months Prior

Start Credentialing
Prepare to relocate


  • Complete all paperwork; licensure, credentialing, insurance panel, etc.
  • Stay in touch with your new employer
  • If relocating, start exploring housing options.
  • Check on-line, meet with a realtor.

1 Month Prior

Prepare to relocate


  • Start Packing.
  • Contact movers
  • Stay in touch with your new Employer
  • Follow up on credentialing and other paperwork
  • Confirm your start date

Month of Start


  • Relocate, if needed.
  • Start Your New Position

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