Cover Letter

The sample cover letters below can be used for both hard copy correspondence and e-mail.

 This information is available in downloadable PDF format at the bottom of this page.

Cover Letter Sample No. 1

Hiring Physician, MD
Hospital Name
Address 1, address 2
Anywhere, USA 12345

Dr. Hiring,

I was delighted to learn of the opportunity available within the Specialty Department at Hospital Name. I have been practicing exclusively in Specialty settings for the last Number of Years at Current Employer and Former Employer. I enjoy a fast paced environment with challenging cases while also ensuring high-quality evidence based acute care. I have a kind, compassionate bedside manner and have excellent working relationships with staff and colleagues.

Mutual respect and a spirit of cooperation are a necessity for providing the highest quality of patient care along with supporting the organization’s prosperity and growth. I welcome and am very eager to participate in and develop such positive relationships between myself, the physicians, and mid-level providers at Hospital Name.

In my capacity as lead physician, I was responsible for daily operations of the urgent care at Last Job Name including provider and nursing staffing, interdepartmental patient care coordination, patient liaison, extramural patient transfers, and providing clinical consultation for providers both in your specialty and in the clinic at large.

I was born and raised in your location and am very excited about the prospect of an opportunity to return to practice there and the reason you want to move to the area.

I appreciate your time and consideration in reviewing my CV. If you have any questions, please feel free contact me at _____-______-_____. I am available before _____ and after _____ your time zone on weekdays and all day on weekends. I would be available for an interview in time available.


Cover Letter Sample No. 2

Customize per opportunity

Dear Doctor’s Name:

After hearing details about your (specialty) practice from Alpha Medical Group, I am interested in speaking with you.

Your geographical location is of interest to me because (examples: family in the area, went to school there, have friends in the area etc.)

Your practice set up is appealing because (examples possibly: number of members (small, large etc.) short partnership, democratic group, lifestyle practice)

My skill set includes the following: (Fellowship trained in __ strengths include __ have interest in __)

I am available to interview: (with two weeks’ notice, the week of September 17th, etc.) You can reach me on my cell at: ____, email ____, weekends ____


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