Healthcare Job Growth Accelerates in October

November 4, 2016 - Job growth in the healthcare industry accelerated slightly in October, according to new figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The healthcare sector added 30,500 jobs in October, slightly more than the 29,300 jobs added in September and significantly more than August's job growth of 14,400, BLS data released Friday showed.

Most healthcare subsectors showed positive growth. In October, ambulatory health care services added 18,500 jobs and hospitals added 12,700.

Employment across physician practices grew by 3,500 in the past month, while medical and diagnostic labs added 900 jobs.

Few parts of the healthcare sector lost jobs. The biggest loss occurred in nursing care facilities, which shed 2,300 jobs in the last month.

Over the past year, 415,000 jobs have been created in healthcare. The industry accounted for a total of 15.6 million jobs at the end of October.

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By: Shelby Livingston

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